Introduction to Accelerator Physics, 31 August 2014 - 12 September 2014, Prague, Czech Republic




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Barbara Strasser
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Mathematics for Accelerators (R. Steerenberg, CERN) 12.43 MB
E.M. Theory (W. Herr, CERN) 772.16 KB
Introduction to Accelerators (R. Steerenberg, CERN) 62.18 MB
Relativity (W. Herr, CERN) 678.74 KB
Transverse Beam Dynamics I (B. Holzer, CERN) 10.09 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics II (B. Holzer, CERN) 7.2 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics III (B. Holzer, CERN) 8.05 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics IV (B. Holzer, CERN) 6.09 MB
Warm Magnets (N. Marks, STFC, retired) 2.53 MB
Beam Instrumentation (E. Holzer, CERN) 7.38 MB
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics I, II, III (F. Tecker, CERN) 4.19 MB
SC Magnets (L. Bottura, CERN) 9.61 MB
Beam Diagnostics (U. Raich, CERN) 2.68 MB
Power Converters (N. Marks, STFC retired) 1.7 MB
Linear Imperfections I, II (R. Tomas, CERN) 1.97 MB
Electron Beam Dynamics I, II (L. Rivkin, PSI) 3.66 MB
Injection & Extraction (W. Bartmann, CERN) 4.1 MB
Machine Protection (I. Strasik, GSI) 7.57 MB
Septa, Kickers & Transfer Lines (W. Bartmann, CERN) 3.69 MB
RF Systems I (E. Jensen, CERN) 4.26 MB
RF Systems II (E. Jensen, CERN) 9.76 MB
Linacs I (A. Lombardi, CERN) 2.38 MB
Linacs II (A. Lombardi, CERN) 1.6 MB
Space Charge (G. Franchetti, GSI) 2.61 MB
Vacuum (V. Baglin, CERN) 3.67 MB
Collective Effects I (G. Franchetti, GSI) 3.16 MB
Collective Effects II (G. Franchetti, GSI) 3.07 MB
Particle Sources (D. Faircloth, STFC) 5.8 MB
Synchrotron Light Machines (A. Wolski, Cockcroft Institute/Liverpool University) 2.62 MB
Luminosity (G. Papotti, CERN) 6.94 MB
Non-Linear Dynamics (A. Wolski, Cockcroft Institute/Liverpool University) 1.49 MB
FELs (A. Wolski, Cockcroft Institute/Liverpool University) 2.48 MB
Radiation Damage and Its Consequences (M. Brugger, CERN) 13.01 MB
FFAGs (S. Sheehy, ASTec) 8.24 MB
Cyclotrons (M. Seidel, PSI) 4.97 MB
Applications of Accelerators (S. Sheehy, ASTec) 4.8 MB
Putting It All Together (W. Herr, CERN) 584.58 KB
60 Years of Science for Peace (R. Heuer, CERN) 8.8 MB

Some Power Point presentations are avaliable in Indico
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AGUILERA Silvia, CERN (Magnetic Materials for Current Transformers) 559.93 KB
ASTOPOVYCH Daria, CERN (Transverse Coherent Instabilities in the LHC and HL-LHC: from Understanding to Predictions) 1.78 MB
BAI Jiaoni, GSI (First Idea on Bunch to Bucket Transfer for FAIR) 2.26 MB
BENEDETTI Stefano, CERN (Thermo-Mechanical Study of LHC Collimators in Case of Accident Scenarios) 2.66 MB
CORNO Jacopo, TU Darmstadt (Isogeometric Simulation of Lorentz Detuning in Superconducting Accelerator Cavities) 1.86 MB
CROUCH Matthew, University of Manchester (Simulations of Noise and Emittance Growth in the LHC for Colliding Beams) 3.08 MB
GARTNER Florian, PSI (Architecture Design for the Swiss FEL LLRF System) 2.16 MB
GETHMANN Julian, KIT (A Concept for Lowering ANKA's Emittance) 163.22 KB
GHAZARYAN Nvard, CANDLE (The Orbit and Dispersion Corrections for European XFEL SASE1 Undulator Section) 1.67 MB
GONSALVES Basil, University of Huddersfield (Target Studies for Radioisotope Production using FFAGs) 767.55 KB
HARER Bastian, CERN (Challenges and Status of the FCC-ee (TLEP) Lattice Design) 1.24 MB
JANAS Ewa, Warsaw University of Technology (Optical Reference Module for FLASH and the European XFEL) 8.43 MB
KALT Roger, PSI (Swiss FEL C-BAND LLRF Prototype System) 1.41 MB
LAULAINEN Janne, University of Jyvaskyla (Photoelectron Emission from Metal Surfaces induced by VUV-Emission of Filament..) 2.52 MB
QUARTULLO Danilo, CERN (New Longitudinal Beam Dynamics Code) 2.19 MB
REZAEIZADEH Amin, PSI (RF Pulse Flattening in the SwissFEL Test Facility based on Model-Free Iterative Learning Control) 372.18 KB
ROGGEN Toon, CERN (The 800 MHz Higher Harmonic System for HL-LHC) 1.86 MB
SUBLET Alban, CERN (Nb Coated HIE-ISOLDE QWR Superconducting Accelerating Cavities) 4.38 MB