Course pattern

Since January 2018 a new course patterns for CAS has been defined yielding a total of four international courses every year plus a basic introductory course close to CERN. The Covid situation made us temporarily deviate from the pattern. 

The typical duration of the international courses is 11 – 13 nights, whereas the basic course is Monday to Friday of one week.

  • The general introductory course will take place every year in September.
  • The general advanced course is foreseen every second year in June.
  • Topical courses in February/March and November. In the year without general advanced course another topical course in June.
  • The frequency of the Joint Accelerator School courses shall be a course in November every second year (starting in 2019). In this case no other topical course will be given in the November slot.
  • The basic local course is planned typically every 18 month, occasionally during the winter shutdown of CERN. Originally this course was open only for CERN participants, but now a limited number of places is also available for students from outside CERN.

The course pattern is typically planned three years in advance. The actual planning is always displayed on the homepage of the school.