John Adams Lectures

JohnAdamsSir John Adams (1920 to 1984) acquired an unrivalled reputation for his leading part in the design and development of the PS machine at CERN in the 1950s. For most of the following decade he was director of the fusion laboratory at CULHAM in the UK, before returning to CERN as Director-General of what was then called Lab II, responsible for the design and construction of the SPS accelerator. From 1976 to 1980 he was executive Director-General of CERN where he layed the groundwork for the SPS proton-antiproton collider which led to the discovery of the intermediate vector bosons, as well as being instrumental in securing the approval of the LEP collider.

At the time of his untimely death in 1984 he had built Europe’s two largest proton accelerators and was prominent in securing the future of the next generation machines.

In 1985 the CERN Accelerator School launched a series of lectures in memory of Sir John. This series continued with a lecture every year until 2014.


Year Topic Speaker
2014 Accelerator Based Neutrino Physics, Past, Present and  Future Kenneth Long, Imperial College
2013 120 Years of Accelerators that Heal Ugo Amaldi, Technische Universität Munchen and TERA Foundation

The Role of Superconducting Magnets for High Energy Physics

Lucio Rossi, Fermilab
2011 LHC - Bold Beginning Mike Lamont, CERN
2010 Accelerator Breakthroughs, Achievements and Lessons from the Tevatron Collider Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab
2009 Sir John Adams – His Legacy to the World of Particle Accelerators Edmund Wilson, CERN
2008 New Concepts for the Interaction Regions of Colliders Pantaleo Raimondi, INFN-LNF
2007 Plasma Acceleration Chan Joshi, University of California Los Angeles
2006 The Spallation Neutron Source Norbert Holtkamp, ITER
2005 Accelerator Design Issues in Cancer Therapy Philip Bryant, CERN
2004 Recent Advances in e+e- Colliders John Seeman, SLAC
2003 Prospects of ISOLDE –High Energy Radioactive Beams Mats Lindroos, CERN
2002 The Development of Synchrotron Light Sources up to the SLS and Beyond Albin Wrulich, PSI
2001 CLIC Test Facility II – An Experimental Accelerator to Develop Technologies for Multi TeV e+e- colliders Hans Braun, CERN
2000 The TESLA Test Facility and the First FEL for the Vacuum Ultraviolet Jörg Rossbach, DESY
1999 Wigglers and Undulators – Recent Developments Pascal Elleaume, ESRF
1998 DAPHNE Sets Sails Catarina Biscari, LNF-INFN
1997 Superconducting RF Systems for the CERN Accelerators Daniel Boussard, CERN
1996 50 Years of Synchrotrons John Lawson, RAL
Giorgio Brianti, CERN
1995 Light- and Heavy-Ion Acceleration at CERN Helmut Haseroth, CERN
1994 Electron Spin Polarisation at HERA - Recent Results and Future Plans Reinhard Brinkmann, DESY
1993 Crystal Channelling Soren Pape Møller, Aarhus University
1992 The Status of the ESRF Jean-Louis Laclare, ESRF
1991 HERA - A Status Report Bjørn Wiik, DESY
1990 The LEP Collider, from Design to Approval and Commissioning Stephen Myers, CERN
1989 Making Beams Collide at the SLC Roger Erickson, SLAC
1988 Beam Mode Observation Flemming Pederson, CERN
1987 The Proton Antiproton Collider Lyndon Evans, CERN
1986 Accelerators and Superconductivity:  A Marriage of Convenience Martin Wilson, Oxford Instruments Ltd
1985 John Adams and His Times Edoardo Amaldi, Università La Sapienza