Introductory course

The Introductory level course is aimed at staff and students in laboratories, universities, and accelerator equipment manufacturers  who wish to learn about accelerator science and technology. The focus of the course is on various aspects of beam dynamics and the underlying accelerator systems. Key topics are consolidated by discussion sessions and hands-on exercises.

Another important key aspect of the course is the networking. Students will make contact with other students working in the field and can establish connections with the lecturers present at the course.

The course is complemented every second year by the Advanced level course.

The programmes for Introductory and Advanced level courses are elaborated at a dedicated program committee, held every two years, and which is strongly guided by the CAS Syllabus. This syllabus was reviewed in 2015, a revised edition was released in 2016 and will evolve in the coming years.


Course programme overview:


Introduction to accelerators

Electromagnetic theory

Particle motion in EM fields

Relativity and kinematics of particle beams

Linear accelerators

Transverse linear beam dynamics for synchrotrons and beam lines

Cyclotrons and FFAs

Longitudial beam dynamics in circular acelerators

RF systems

Applications of accelerators

Linear imperfections

Beam instrumentation and diagnostics

Electron beam dynamics - synchrotrons and light sources

Non-linear beam dynamics

Collective and multiparticle effects

Luminosity and colliders

Injection, extraction, beam transfer, secondary beams and targets

Supplementary lectures