Advanced Accelerator Physics, 28 September - 9 October 2009, Darmstadt, Germany



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Barbara Strasser

PDF icon Recap. Transverse Dynamics I (B. Holzer, CERN)3.65 MB
PDF icon Recap. Transverse Dynamics II (B. Holzer, CERN)3.03 MB
PDF icon Recap. Longitudinal Dynamics (J. Le Duff, LAL retired)673.41 KB
PDF icon Introduction to Beam Instrumentation (R. Jones, CERN)2.06 MB
PDF icon Lattice Cells (B. Holzer, CERN)2.59 MB
PDF icon RF Basic Concepts (F. Caspers, CERN)1.3 MB
PDF icon Introduction to Beam Diagnostics (H. Schmickler)4.4 MB
PDF icon RF Cavity Design (E. Jensen, CERN)8.51 MB
PDF icon Insertions (B. Holzer, CERN)2.41 MB
PDF icon Linear Imperfections & Coupling (O. Bruning, CERN)435.55 KB
PDF icon Linear Accelerators (M. Vretenar, CERN)1.69 MB
PDF icon RFQ (M. Vretenar, CERN)1.76 MB
PDF icon Non-Linear Imperfections (O. Bruning, CERN)1.2 MB
PDF icon Linear Colliders (F. Tecker, CERN)7.63 MB
PDF icon Longitudinal Instabilities (E. Metral, CERN)3.49 MB
PDF icon Space Charge (M. Ferrario, INFN-LNF)549.6 KB
PDF icon Sources of Emittance Growth (Hadrons) (M. Giovannozzi, CERN)730.88 KB
PDF icon High Field Magnets (L. Rossi, CERN)9.07 MB
PDF icon Low Emittance Machines I (A. Wolski, Cockcroft Institute)559.1 KB
PDF icon Low Emittance Machines II (A. Wolski, Cockcroft Institute)622.9 KB
PDF icon Low Emittance Machines III (A. Wolski, Cockcroft Institute)1.14 MB
PDF icon Introduction to Feedback Systems (W. Hofle, CERN)647.91 KB
PDF icon Transverse Instabilities (E. Metral, CERN)2.14 MB
PDF icon Closed Orbit Feedback (M. Boege, PSI)7.97 MB
PDF icon Instabilities in Linacs (M. Ferrario, INFN-LNF)975.51 KB
PDF icon Landau Damping (A. Hofmann, CERN retired)13.35 MB
PDF icon Insertion Devices (P. Elleaume, ESRF)1.33 MB
PDF icon FELs (S. Reiche, PSI)2.12 MB
PDF icon Cancer Therapy with Ion Accelerators (T. Haberer, Heidelberg Ion Therapy Center)7.15 MB
PDF icon Concept of Luminosity (W. Herr, CERN)603.47 KB
PDF icon Beam Cooling (M. Steck, GSI)2.2 MB
PDF icon Machine Protection & Collimation (R. Schmidt, CERN)3.53 MB
PDF icon Beam-Beam Effects (W. Herr, CERN)1.13 MB
PDF icon High Brilliance Beam Diagnostics (A. Cianchi, INFN-LNF)1.02 MB
PDF icon Muon Colliders & Neutrino Factories (K. Long, Imperial College London)8.69 MB
PDF icon 3D-EM Simulations (M. Balk, CST AG)5.51 MB

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