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The CERN Accelerator School holds training courses on accelerator physics and associated technologies for physicists, engineers, technicians and students. The courses take place in different member states of CERN and consist of a programme of lectures and tutorials spread over a period of one to two weeks.

We welcome participants from all countries world-wide!

What our students say about us

CAS provides opportunities: I gained new knowledge and friends, met with important people from the field, arranged for an interesting sabbatical, improved my future possibilities.

— Jiri Kral, CERN
Student of Advanced Accelerator Physics, UK 2017

The CAS contributed to my life and career. I learned so many things from lectures and I found time that I conserved with many advanced people for asking my questions. It was pleasure to meet valuable people who are coming from all over the world. I am looking forward to attend next school in the future which is my issue.

— Ayse Nilay Bozdag, University of Ankara
Student of Future Colliders course, Zürich 2018

This school has served with all kinds of aspects which an accelerator learner would seek. Interaction with speakers and school members was of great help to clear my concepts. Case study has been of great use which let us think about broader aspect of accelerators.

— Krutika Natu, SAMEER
Student of Future Colliders course, Zürich 2018

CAS made this opportunity for coexistence of international people in a peaceful and scientific environment, which resulted in realizing the beauty of the world and having a new hope for the future for me. Moreover, I could benefit greatly by learning from amazing lecturers in my field, and making many friendships from all over the world.

— Jila shams Latifi, University of Tehran
Student of Introduction to Accelerator Physics, Constanta 2018

Thanks for everyone sharing the two happy weeks. Thanks professional teachers to share the valuable and meaningful knowledge with passion.

— Yongchun Feng, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Student of Beam Instrumentation course, Tuusula 2018

It's been a wonderful 10 days of studying together with colleagues around the world.

— Rian Suryo Darmawan, Center for Science and Accelerator Technology, National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia
Student of JAS on RF Technologies, Japan 2017

For a beginner like me, it was a very informative and helpful school, I could interact with people from different parts of the world and realize the opportunities ahead of me.

— Aqsa Shaikh, SAMEER
Student of JAS on RF Technologies, Japan 2017

I liked how many people from different research centers with different nationalities gathers in one place with one interested goal.
Also I like how the courses were well prepared to cover all the interested topics that I need.

— Mohammad AL-Najdawi, SESAME
Student of JAS on RF Technologies, Japan 2017

I enjoyed the fact that the lectures were not only about vacuum but also about many interfacing fields such as radiation, cryogenics, and so on. Moreover, the experimental sessions made this school truly unique!!

— Marco Morrone, CERN
Student of Vacuum for Particle Accelerators, Sweden 2017

I enjoyed the multinational environment of great people and a great deal of knowledge that I got out of the lectures.

— Marcin Knafel, NSRC SOLARIS
Student of JAS on RF Technologies, Japan 2017

The topics covered in the CERN Accelerator School were deeply interesting and varied covering many topics that have complemented my day to day work and greatly enriched my current research.

— Stuart Warren, ISOLDE
Student of Advanced Accelerator Physics, UK 2017

What's next

RF February-April  associate member state
Mechanical Engineering May-June Holland
General Introduction September-October Ukraine
Warm magnets November-December Austria


Digital Signal Processing February-April   
General Advanced May-June  
Short Introduction end June local
General Introduction September-October  
JAS: Very Advanced Beam Dynamics November-December Americas


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