Welcome to the CERN Accelerator School!

The CERN Accelerator School holds training courses on accelerator physics and associated technologies for physicists, engineers, technicians and students. The courses take place in different member states of CERN and consist of a programme of lectures and tutorials spread over a period of one to two weeks. Participants are welcome from member states of CERN and other countries world-wide.

Latest news

The registration deadline for the Future Collider school in Zurich has been prolonged to the 24th of November. In order to register please click here.

We also make 10 student grants available for this school. For every student, who receives a grant, we will waive the registration fee of the school. Transport to and from the course venue will be at the charge of the student. Please click here for a grant application.

What's next

Introduction to Accelerator Physics autumn 2018 Romania
Computational Methods in Accelerator Design and Operation winter 2018 Greece


In preparation
Advanced Accelerator Physics    
Mechanical Engineering and Material Science    
Digital Signal Processing    
Advanced Course on Beam Dynamics for Future High Energy Colliders    
Advanced Course on Technologies for Future High Energy Colliders    


What our students say about us

For a beginner like me, it was a very informative and helpful school, I could interact with people from different parts of the world and realize the opportunities ahead of me.

— Aqsa Shaikh, SAMEER
Student of JAS on RF Technologies, Japan 2017

I enjoyed the multinational environment of great people and a great deal of knowledge that I got out of the lectures.

— Marcin Knafel, NSRC SOLARIS
Student of JAS on RF Technologies, Japan 2017

The topics covered in the CERN Accelerator School were deeply interesting and varied covering many topics that have complemented my day to day work and greatly enriched my current research.

— Stuart Warren, ISOLDE
Student of Advanced Accelerator Physics, UK 2017

I enjoyed the fact that the lectures were not only about vacuum but also about many interfacing fields such as radiation, cryogenics, and so on. Moreover, the experimental sessions made this school truly unique!!

— Marco Morrone, CERN
Student of Vacuum for Particle Accelerators, Sweden 2017