Beam Instrumentation, 02 June 2018 - 15 June 2018, Tuusula, Finland




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Delphine Rivoiron

Ten years after the last course on accelerator beam diagnostics in Dourdan (France) the CERN accelerator school will again offer such a course in 2018 – in Helsinki (Finland). This is intended be of interest to staff and students in accelerator laboratories, university departments and companies manufacturing accelerator equipment who wish to learn about beam instrumentation technologies, data treatment and accelerator performance diagnostics.

The course is split into morning lectures and afternoon “hands-on” courses.
The lectures will focus on the typical instruments used in high and low energy linear and circular accelerators, introducing examples of their application and some elementary background on particle dynamics.
For the “hands-on” courses the participants will be split into groups to work with real equipment on beam position measurements, optical diagnostics, radio frequency measurements and digital signal processing.

Participants will leave the school having acquired a detailed understanding of how beam diagnostic measurements are performed and practical experience of how the instrumentation used is built and operated.

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Opening 1.53 MB
BD Requirements Overview / Measurement Principles I (Gero Kube, DESY) 2.78 MB
BD Requirements Overview / Measurement Principles II (Gero Kube, DESY) 3.86 MB
BD requirements overview / measurement principles III (Gero Kube, DESY) 3.06 MB
Transverse beam dynamics recap I, II, III (Hermann Schmickler, CERN) 8.38 MB
Longitudinal beam dynamics recap (Frank Tecker, CERN) 11.87 MB
Analog electronics I, II (Jeroen Belleman, CERN) 5.89 MB
RF measurement techniques (Manfred Wendt) 24.57 MB
Video cameras (signal generation and transmission) (Beata Walasek-Höhne, GSI Darmstadt) 4.96 MB
Numerical methods, mathematical background I, II (Laurent Nadolski, Synchrotron SOLEIL) 45.7 MB
Tune, chromaticity & coupling measurements (Rhodri Jones, CERN) 4.27 MB
Diagnostics examples from HE colliders (Rhodri Jones, CERN) 5.52 MB
Linear imperfections and corrections I, II (Jorg Wenninger, CERN) 7.81 MB
Introduction to optics (basics, components, diffraction) (Stephen Gibson, Royal Holloway) 35.65 MB
Diagnostics examples from CTF3 (Frank Tecker, CERN) 7.33 MB
Bunch length diagnostics I (Allan Gillespie, University of Dundee) 8.81 MB
Lasers (technologies & setups) (Stephen Gibson, Royal Holloway) 35.38 MB
Bunch length diagnostics II (Allan Gillespie, University of Dundee) 6.24 MB
Application of lasers in beam instrumentation (Stephen Gibson, Royal Holloway) 20.09 MB
Transverse profile measurements I, II (Enrico Bravin, CERN) 24.72 MB
Diagnostics examples from light sources (Kay Wittenburg, DESY) 12.92 MB
BPM systems I (Manfred Wendt, CERN) 5.57 MB
BPM systems II (Manfred Wendt, CERN) 5.61 MB
Intensity measurements (Andreas Peters, HIT GmbH) 5.55 MB
Medical applications instrumentation & diagnostics (Andreas Peters, HIT GmbH) 5.97 MB
Analog digital conversion (Marek Gasior, CERN) 5.57 MB
Emittance measurements (Enrico Bravin, CERN) 13.68 MB
Beam loss monitors (Kay Wittenburg, DESY) 7.42 MB
Schottky diagnostics (Piotr Kowina, GSI Darmstadt) 7.52 MB
Diagnostics examples from lepton-linacs and FELs (Alessandro Cianchi, University of Rome Tor Vergata) 5.67 MB
Collective effects & its diagnostics I (Vladimir Kornilov, GSI Darmstadt) 3.9 MB
Collective effects & its diagnostics II (Vladimir Kornilov, GSI Darmstadt) 3.7 MB
Timing and synchronization I (Alessandro Gallo, INFN-LNF) 3.14 MB
Timing and synchronization II (Alessandro Gallo, INFN-LNF) 4.07 MB
Halo diagnostics (Kay Wittenburg, DESY) 6.96 MB
Diagnostic needs for wakefield accelerator experiments (Alessandro Cianchi, University of Rome Tor Vergata) 5.84 MB
Transverse feedbacks (Hernann Schmickler, CERN) 4.51 MB

Some Power Point presentations are avaliable in Indico