Small Accelerators, 24 May 2005 - 02 June 2005, Zeegse, Netherlands


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Barbara Strasser
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Special Relativity (C. Prior - RAL, Oxford Univ.) 1.4 MB
Transverse Dynamics I, Beam Lines (A. Lombardi - CERN) 980.12 KB
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics and Stability I+II (J. Le Duff - LAL-Orsay) 814.42 KB
Space Charge I + II (L. Palumbo - Rome Univ. "La Sapienza") 1.22 MB
Introduction to Electrostatic Focusing (F. Hinterberger - Bonn Univ.) 480.98 KB
Transverse Dynamics II, Emittances (D. Moehl - CERN) 1.64 MB
Beam Formation I, Electrons (P. Spaedtke - GSI Darmstadt) 15.61 MB
Beam Formation II, Ions (P. Spaedtke - GSI Darmstadt) 22.34 MB
Beam Formation (text) (P. Spaedtke - GSI Darmstadt) 18.98 MB
DC Machines (F. Hinterberger - Bonn Univ.) 1.89 MB
High Voltage Engineering (E. Gaxiola - CERN) 4.27 MB
Linacs Beam Dynamics (N. Pichoff - CEA Gif-sur-Yvette) 603.69 KB
Differences between Electron and Ions Linacs (M. Vretenar - CERN) 925.57 KB
RF for Linacs (E. Jensen - CERN) 6.38 MB
RFQ (A. Lombardi - CERN) 1.12 MB
Beam Dynamics for Cyclotrons I + II (F. Chautard - Ganil France) 1.32 MB
RF for Cyclotrons (P.Sigg - PSI Villigen) 4.9 MB
Magnets for Cyclotrons (S. Zaremba - IBA) 1.99 MB
Extraction and Injection (W. Kleeven - IBA) 2.05 MB
Synchrotrons (M. Benedikt - CERN) 1.34 MB
Beam Diagnostics I + II (U. Raich - CERN) 3.83 MB
Radiation Safety (W. Ruehm - Muenchen Univ.) 4.9 MB
Laser Acceleration - Tiny Accelerators (M. van der Wiel - Eindhoven Univ. of Technology) 1.1 MB
Vacuum (O. Groebner - CERN) 757.64 KB
Beam Cooling (H. Danared - Manne Siegbahn Lab. Stockholm) 977.32 KB
PET (A. Paans - PET, Groningen) 4.8 MB
IMRT Part I (A. Van't Veld and I Hoveijn- AZG, Groningen) 2.76 MB
IMRT Part II (A. Van't Veld and I Hoveijn- AZG, Groningen) 376.42 KB
Industrial Applications with Electrons (M. Cleland - IBA) 4.55 MB
Ion Implanters (J. Lindner - Inst. fuer Physik, Augsburg) 6.1 MB
Surface Analysis (A. Denker - Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Berlin) 2.56 MB
Future Trends (D. Vandeplassche - IBA) 1.21 MB
AMS (J. Van Der Plicht - Centrum voor Isotopen Onderzoek, Groningen) 5.14 MB