Advanced Accelerator Physics, 18 August 2013 - 29 August 2013, Trondheim, Norway




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Barbara Strasser
Attachment Size
Transverse Dynamics I, II (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 13.93 MB
Longitudinal Dynamics I, II (Frank Tecker, CERN) 5.76 MB
Introduction to Beam Instrumentation (Rhodri Jones, CERN) 9.13 MB
Lattice Cells (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 7.63 MB
RF Measurement Concepts (Fritz Caspers, CERN) 15.25 MB
Introduction to Beam Diagnostics (Hermann Schmickler, CERN) 20.13 MB
Insertions (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 5.56 MB
New Tools for Non Linear Dynamics I, II (Werner Herr, CERN) 1.74 MB
Beam Instabilities I Giovanni Rumolo, CERN) 2.89 MB
Beam Instabilities II Giovanni Rumolo, CERN) 8.29 MB
Machine Protection (Rudiger Schmidt, ESS) 8.28 MB
Non Linear Dynamics I, II (Oliver Bruning, CERN) 1.1 MB
Low Emittance Machines I (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute) 2.25 MB
Low Emittance Machines II (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute) 1.07 MB
Low Emittance Machines III (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute) 1.65 MB
Linear Accelerators I, II (Maurizio Vretenar, CERN) 21.48 MB
Space Charge (Massimo Ferrario, INFN-LNF) 4.62 MB
Instabilities in Linacs (Massimo Ferrario, INFN-LNF) 6.13 MB
Landau Damping I, II (Werner Herr, CERN) 1.84 MB
RF Cavity Design (Erk Jensen, CERN) 37 MB
Beam-Beam (Tatiana Pieloni, CERN) 12.5 MB
High Field Magnets (Gijs de Rijk, CERN) 31.77 MB
Medical Applications (Caterina Biscari, ALBA-CELLS) 14.03 MB
Timing and Synchronisation (Holger Schlarb, DESY) 16.14 MB
Feedback Systems I, II (Hermann Schmickler, CERN) 11.87 MB

Some Power Point presentations are avaliable in Indico
Attachment Size
BOROWIEC Pawel (Jagiellonian University) The Radio Frequency System for Solaris towards Operation 1.73 MB
DALENA Barbara (CEA Saclay) High Luminosity LHC Matching Section Layout vs Crab Cavity Voltage 2.54 MB
GESSNER Spencer (SLAC) Recent Results from Plasma Wakefield Experiments at FACET 5.15 MB
HOENER Markus (TU Dortmund University) Bunch-by-Bunch Feedback Units at the DELTA Synchrotron Light Source 1.09 MB
HOENER Markus (TU Dortmund University) The Short-Pulse Facility at DELTA 269.07 KB
IADAROLA Giovanni (CERN) Electron Cloud and Scrubbing Studies for the LHC 392.81 KB
KUHN Maria (CERN) Investigations of the LHC Emittance Blow-Up during the 2012 Proton Run 575.88 KB
LIBOV Vladyslav (DESY) FLASHForward - Future-oriented wakefield-accelerator research and development at FLASH 3.47 MB
MCATEER Meghan (CERN) Studies for Nonlinear Optics Measurements from Turn-by-Turn Trajectories in the CERN PSB 5 MB
NAVARRO Jose Luis (CERN) An Experiment for RF Breakdown Measurements in Beam Loaded CLIC Accelerating Structure 3.67 MB
PELLEGRINI Dario (CERN) A New Program for Multibunch Beam Dynamics in Recirculating Machines 814.11 KB
PROKHOROV Ivan (TU-Darmstadt) Ion Beam Collimation for the FAIR Synchrotron SIS 100 4.25 MB
SALVACHUA Belen Maria (CERN) Cleaning Performance of the LHC Collimation System up to 4 TeV 5.81 MB
SCHAUMANN Michaela (CERN) Bunch-by-Bunch Analysis of the LHC Heavy-Ion Luminosity 1.68 MB
VAN DE WALLE Jarno (IBA) Mapping of the new IBA Superconducting Synchrocyclotron (S2C2) for Proton Therapy 512.81 KB
ZISOPOULOS Panos (CERN) Beam Optics Measurements Through Turn by turn Position Data in the SLS 404.88 KB
ZOCCA Francesca (CERN) Beam Transverse Profile Measurements at the CERN LINAC-4 270.04 KB