Introduction to Accelerator Physics, 28 October 2012 - 09 November 2012, Granada, Spain




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Barbara Strasser
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Introduction to Accelerators I, II (Phil Bryant, CERN retired) 5.28 MB
Relativity (Chris Prior, STFC) 131.62 KB
E.M. Theory (Chris Prior, STFC) 6.06 MB
Transverse Dynamics I (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 10.18 MB
Transverse Dynamics II (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 7.36 MB
Transverse Dynamics III (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 9.01 MB
Transverse Dynamics IV (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 6.26 MB
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics I, II, III (Frank Tecker, CERN) 7.97 MB
Linear Imperfections & Resonances I (Oliver Bruning, CERN) 3.05 MB
Linear Imperfections & Resonances II (Oliver Bruning, CERN) 1.17 MB
RF Systems I (Erk Jensen, CERN) 4.92 MB
RF Systems II (Erk Jensen, CERN) 14.23 MB
Beam Instrumentation I (Uli Raich, CERN) 8.88 MB
Beam Instrumentation II (Uli Raich, CERN) 16.53 MB
Injection & Extraction (Malika Meddahi, CERN) 2.22 MB
Transfer Lines (Malika Meddahi, CERN) 722.73 KB
Linear Accelerators I, II (Maurizio Vretenar, CERN) 5.38 MB
Synchrotron Radiation (Lenny Rivkin, PSI/EPFL) 2.81 MB
Power Converters (Frederick Bordry, CERN) 5.32 MB
Electron Beam Dynamics I, II (Lenny Rivkin, PSI/EPFL) 2.08 MB
Multi-Particle Effects I, II (Daniel Brandt, CERN) 1.97 MB
Colliding Beam Physics (Werner Herr, CERN) 701.86 KB
Synchrotron Light Machines (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute) 2.65 MB
FFAGs (Shinji Machida, STFC) 18.61 MB
SC Magnets (Luca Bottura, CERN) 5.46 MB
Particle Sources (Dan Faircloth, STFC) 6.3 MB
FELs (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute) 2.12 MB
Vacuum Systems (Jose Miguel Jimenez, CERN) 4.02 MB
Cyclotrons (Mike Seidel, PSI) 6.13 MB
Putting It All Together (Werner Herr, CERN) 699.78 KB
The Large Hadron Collider: Unveiling the Universe (Rolf Heuer, CERN) 10.32 MB

Some Power Point presentations are avaliable in Indico
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BOBB Lorraine, CERN (UV/X-ray Diffraction Radiation for Non-intercepting. Micron-scale Beam Size Measurement) 4.17 MB
BRAVO Beatriz, CELLS-ALBA (The ALBA Synchrotron Light Source) 3.98 MB
GALLILEE Mark, CERN (Considerations when Introducing New Equipment in the LHC) 10.46 MB
GARCIA ALIA Ruben, CERN (Radiation Fields at High-Energy Accelerators and their Impact on Radiation Damage) 253.17 KB
HELMECKE Manuela, Helmholtz-Zentrum (Calculations for a High Power Beam Dump for BERLinPro) 3.8 MB
IADAROLA Giovanni, CERN (Improved Electron Cloud Build-Up Simulations with PyECLOUD) 628.05 KB
KASPRZAK Karol, MYALSKI Szymon, Institute of Nuclear Physics Pan (Testing of XFEL Cavities) 3.79 MB
KLOPFER Klaus, TU Darmstadt (Eigenmode Computation for Biased Ferrite-Loaded Cavity Resonators) 595.4 KB
KUHN Maria, CERN (Brightness Evolution for LHC Beams during the 2012 Run) 381.63 KB
KWIATKOWSKI Maciej, CERN (Architecture of the System for Beam Loss Monitoring and Measurements under Development) 1.47 MB
LANCASTER Andrew, University of Oxford (Undulator Gap Monitoring using FSI) 1.32 MB
LOMBERG Blaine, University of Liverpool (Studies of a Beam Monitor for Halo Propagation Mechanisms) 595.61 KB
OCAMPO PEREZ Jesus Ramon, CELLS ALBA (The ALBA Storage Ring RF System) 2.79 MB
SALVACHUA FERRANDO Maria Belen, CERN (A Tool based on the BPM-Interpolated Orbit for |Speeding up LHC Collimator Alignment) 3.89 MB
SCHWINDLING Jerome, CEA Saclay (The Accelerator Research and Development Laboratory (LEDA) at CEA Saclay) 1.09 MB
STECKERT Jens, CERN (Radiation Tolerant Digital Quench Detectors for LHC) 572.71 KB
VALETTE Matthieu, CEA/IRFU (IFMIF LIPAc - Beam Commissioning Simulations) 944.34 KB
WEBER Moises, CIEMAT (IFMIF-EVEDA RF Power System) 4.18 MB