Beam Dynamics and Technologies for Future Colliders, 21 February 2018 - 06 March 2018, Zurich, Switzerland



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Barbara Strasser

The course will be of interest to staff and students from laboratories and universities who wish to learn about the various options being considered for future colliders for high-energy physics. The material presented will be at an accessible level and cover circular hadron and lepton collliders, as well as linear lepton colliders. The programme will cover the beam dynamics of the colliders presently under consideration and the associated technologies that will be needed to build them. Beam generation and machine protection issues will also be addressed. Students will have the opportunity to work on realistic case studies throughout the course.

Attachment Size
Opening Seminar Part I (Hermann Schmickler, CERN) 1.7 MB
Opening Seminar Part II (Lenny Rivkin, PSI) 4.28 MB
High Energy Physics at Colliders (Michelangelo Mangano, CERN) 5.39 MB
Luminosity Goals, Critical Parameters (Bruno Muratori, Daresbury Laboratory) 4.54 MB
Introduction to Muon Collider and Photon Collider (Weiren Chou, Fermilab) 4.99 MB
Linear Collider Studies Overview (Steinar Stapnes, CERN) 7.36 MB
Large Circular Colliders Overview (including h-e Options) (Michael Benedikt, CERN) 9.45 MB
Lessons Learnt from LEP/LHC (Mike Lamont, CERN) 7.31 MB
Detectors for High Energy Colliders/Machine Detector I, II (Lucie Linssen, CERN) 58.96 MB
Recap. of Transverse BD I, II (Hermann Schmickler, CERN) 9.97 MB
Linear Collider Beam Dynamics I, II, III (Daniel Schulte, CERN) 10.06 MB
Recap. of Logitudinal Beam Dynamics (Frank Tecker, CERN) 5.08 MB
Polarised Electron Beams/Energy Calibration (Jorg Wenninger, CERN) 4.58 MB
Collider Diagnostics/Measurement of Critical Beam Parameters I, II (Jorg Wenninger, CERN) 7.78 MB
Circular Hadron Collider Beam Dynamics I (Michael Syphers, Northern Illinois University) 15.93 MB
Circular Hadron Collider Beam Dynamics II (Michael Syphers, Northern Illinois University) 21.41 MB
Beam-Beam Effects/Beamstrahlung I, II (Werner Herr, CERN) 5.82 MB
Circular Lepton Collider Beam Dynamics/Damping Rings I, II (Katsunobu Oide, CERN) 30.21 MB
Injection and Extraction (Masamitsu Aiba, PSI) 2.3 MB
Seminar: SwissFEL, the X-ray free electron laser at PSI (Hans Braun, CERN) 5.82 MB
Instabilities in High-Energy Colliders and their Mitigation I (Oliver Boine-Franenheim, GSI) 12.79 MB
Instabilities in High-Energy Colliders and their Mitigation II (Oliver Boine-Franenheim, GSI) 6.2 MB
Vacuum Challenges (Roberto Kersevan, CERN) 8.17 MB
Superconducting RF Systems I (Erk Jensen, CERN) 3.36 MB
Superconducting RF Systems II (Erk Jensen, CERN) 5.23 MB
Superconducting RF Systems III (Erk Jensen, CERN) 7.01 MB
Positron Production (Maso Kuriki, Hiroshima University) 1.84 MB
Large Colliders Civil Engineering and Siting (John Andrew Osborn, CERN) 21.8 MB
Superconducting Magnets/High Temperature Superconductors I (Luca Buttura, CERN) 4.96 MB
Superconducting Magnets/High Temperature Superconductors II (Luca Buttura, CERN) 13.25 MB
Superconducting Materials/Cables (Carmine Senatore, University of Geneva) 6.82 MB
Normal Conducting & Permanent Magnets (Thomas Zickler, CERN) 8.61 MB
Magnet Vibration and Feedbacks (Andrei Seryi, University of Oxford ) 6.48 MB
Lessons learnt from SLC (Frank Zimmermann, CERN) 7.83 MB
Advanced Future Collider Concepts (Patric Muggli, Max Planck Institute for Physics) 29.48 MB
Low Level RF challenges/timing systems I (Alessandro Gallo, INFN LNF) 5.05 MB
Low Level RF challenges/timing systems I (Alessandro Gallo, INFN LNF) 5.31 MB
RF Power Systems, CLIC Drive Beam (Steffen Doebert, CERN) 13.25 MB
Interaction of Particles with Matter (Nikolai Mokhov, Fermilab) 3.5 MB
Normal Conducting High Gradient RF Systems I (Walter Wuensch, CERN) 4.37 MB
Normal Conducting High Gradient RF Systems II (Walter Wuensch, CERN) 5.79 MB
Machine Protection Concepts (Nikolai Mokhov, Fermilab) 2.34 MB
Final Focus Layouts and Stability Considerations (Andrei Seryi, University of Oxford) 8.12 MB
Collimators, Dumps and Masks (Mike Seidel, PSI) 5.29 MB
Kickers and Septa (Martin Paraliev, PSI) 6 MB
Alignment & Metrology/Requirements and Realisation (Dominique Missaen, CERN) 5.1 MB
High Energy Ion Colliders (John Jowett, CERN) 9.66 MB
Reliability Engineering/Availability of a Large Collider Complex (Markus Zerlauth, CERN) 4.76 MB
Closing talk 4 MB

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