Advanced Accelerator Physics, 18 September - 30 September 2011, Chios, Greece

PDF icon Recap. Transverse Dynamics I, II (Bernhard Holzer, CERN)8.27 MB
PDF icon Recap. Longitudinal Dynamics I, II (Frank Tecker, CERN)3.59 MB
PDF icon Introduction to Beam Instrumentation (Rhodri Jones, CERN)1.74 MB
PDF icon Lattice Cells (Bernhard Holzer, CERN)3.76 MB
PDF icon RF Basic Concepts (Fritz Caspers, CERN)6.22 MB
PDF icon Introduction to Beam Diagnostics (Hermann Schmickler, CERN)5.16 MB
PDF icon RF Cavity Design (Erk Jensen, CERN)3.52 MB
PDF icon Insertions (Bernhard Holzer, CERN)5.09 MB
PDF icon New Tools for Non-Linear Dynamics I, II (Werner Herr, CERN)1.46 MB
PDF icon Linear Accelerators (Maurizio Vretenar, CERN)2.59 MB
PDF icon RFQ (Maurizio Vretenar, CERN)2.5 MB
PDF icon Linear Colliders (Frank Tecker, CERN)12.81 MB
PDF icon Non-Linear Dynamics I, II (Oliver Bruning, CERN)656.37 KB
PDF icon Sources of Emittance Growth (Hadrons) (Massimo Giovannozzi, CERN)571.47 KB
PDF icon Space Charge (Massimo Ferrario, INFN-LNF)4.15 MB
PDF icon Low Emittance Machines I (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute)1.63 MB
PDF icon Low Emittance Machines II (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute)2.14 MB
PDF icon Low Emittance Machines III (Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute)2.26 MB
PDF icon Feedback Systems I, II (Hermann Schmickler, CERN)5.62 MB
PDF icon Landau Damping I, II (Luigi Palumbo, University of Rome "La Sapienza")11.48 MB
PDF icon Instabilities in Linacs (Massimo Ferrario, INFN-LNF)6.43 MB
PDF icon Beam Instabilities I (Giovanni Rumolo, CERN)6.23 MB
PDF icon Beam Instabilities II (Giovanni Rumolo, CERN)11.47 MB
PDF icon Beam-Beam Effects (Werner Herr, CERN)954.61 KB
PDF icon Insertion Devices (Markus Tischer, HASYLAB/DESY)5.33 MB
PDF icon FELS (Sven Reiche, PSI)2.37 MB
PDF icon Beam Cooling (Markus Steck, GSI)5.29 MB
PDF icon High Brilliance Beam Diagnostics (Alessandro Cianchi, Univ. of Rome "Tor Vergata")817.42 KB
PDF icon High Field Magnets (Gijs de Rijk, CERN)35.16 MB
PDF icon Timing and Synchrotron (Florian Loehl, BNL)3.69 MB
PDF icon Controls (Hermann Schmickler, CERN)10.09 MB
PDF icon Machine Protection & Collimation (Rudiger Schmidt, CERN)1.99 MB
File Overview of Future Accelerators (Ken Peach, John Adams Institute)33.81 MB
PDF icon Particle Beams for Fixed Target Experiments (Ilias Efthymiopoulos, CERN)15.28 MB
File PUBLIC TALK by Dr. Rolf Heuer14.63 MB
PDF icon Beam Instrumentation and Diagnostics Dr. Peter Forck3.4 MB

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