Basics of Accelerator Physics and Technology, 04 May 2021 - 20 May 2021, Indico (restricted access), webinars


CAS Secretariat

School administrator(s):

Delphine Rivoiron and Maria Filippova

The so called "Basic-CAS Course" has been given several times as a one week non residential course in Archamps (FR). The course covers a complete overview of the theoretical description of beams in accelerators and all the main technologies needed to construct an accelerator.

The level of teaching is very basic so that everybody can follow the presentations.

Due to the present Covid19-pandemic the BASIC-CAS in 2021 will not be given in the usual format, but as a series of video lectures. In total 27 lectures will be given spread out over 3 afternoons in 3 weeks (3 hours teaching per afternoon). This makes a total of 27 teaching hours.

The registration to the lecture series is free of charge and it does not represent any obligation towards CERN or the CAS.

The participation in the video lectures is only for registered students. After registration each student will receive a link to a zoom-webinar for the day. These links must not be forwarded to other persons.

After the success of the lecture series, an additional series of 11 lectures has been added in the period from 29/06 to 8/07.

Attachment Size
Accelerators for Beginners and the CERN Complex (Rende Steerenberg, CERN) 5.93 MB
Basic Mathematics and Units (Rende Steerenberg, CERN) 1.29 MB
Relativity (Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt) 1.21 MB
Electromagnetic Elements (Piotr Krzysztof Skowronski) 4.33 MB
Particle Sources (Detlef Kuchler) 4.47 MB
Standard Model and Beyond (Paris Sphicas) 16 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics I (Bernhard Holzer) 15.4 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics II (Bernhard Holzer) 13.48 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics III (Bernhard Holzer) 13.85 MB
Normal-Conducting Magnets (Thomas Zickler) 6.15 MB
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics I, II (Frank Tecker) 6.01 MB
Time and Frequency Domain Signals (Hermann Schmickler) 4.65 MB
RF Systems (Frank Tecker) 5.62 MB
Collective Effects (Xavier Buffat) 4.45 MB
Beam Instrumentation (Hermann Schmickler) 7.44 MB
Injection, Extraction and Beam Transfer (Yann Dutheil) 4.97 MB
Vacuum Systems (Vincent Baglin) 4.05 MB
Kickers, Septa and Protection Elements (Mike Barnes) 6.65 MB
Cryogenics (Torsten Koettig) 4.68 MB
Superconducting Magnets (Daniel Schoerling) 11.63 MB
Machine Protection (Markus Zerlauth) 4.28 MB
Wakefield Acceleration (Edda Gschwendtner) 13.88 MB
Future Linear Colliders (Steinar Stapnes) 12.05 MB
Future Circular Colliders (Michael Benedikt) 7.5 MB
RF Systems I, II (Heiko Damerau) 6.92 MB
Linear Imperfections (Jorg Wenninger) 4.73 MB
Timing (Javier Serrano) 5.55 MB
Wakefield Acceleration (Massimo Ferrario) 3.33 MB
Power Converters (Jean-Paul Burnet) 6.76 MB
HiLumi-LHC (Markus Zerlauth) 11.36 MB
Accelerator Controls (Stephane Deghaye) 4.05 MB
Collider Daily Operation (Mike Lamont) 8.4 MB

Some Power Point presentations are avaliable in Indico