Superconductivity, 24 April 2013 - 05 May 2013, Erice, Italy




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Barbara Strasser
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Introduction (Roger Bailey, CERN) 3.06 MB
Basic Thermodynamics for SC (Patxi Duthil, IPN Orsay) 1.18 MB
Superconductivity I (David Larbalestier, National High Field Magnetic Field Laboratory) 4.22 MB
Superconductivity II (David Larbalestier, National High Field Magnetic Field Laboratory) 5.37 MB
Transverse Beam Dynamics (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 9.38 MB
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 8.71 MB
AC/RF Superconductivity (Gianluigi Ciovati, JLAB) 2.78 MB
Material Properties at LT (Patxi Duthil, IPN Orsay) 2.82 MB
HOMS and Heating (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 8.61 MB
Cavity Design & Ancillaries I (Hasan Padamsee, Cornell University) 13.38 MB
Cavity Design & Ancillaries II (Hasan Padamsee, Cornell University) 11.01 MB
Fabrication & Materials (Waldemar Singer, DESY) 52.59 MB
Limitations & Possible Solutions (Claire Antoine, CEA Saclay) 29.75 MB
Measurement Techniques I, II (Detlef Reschke, DESY) 7.14 MB
Superconductors for Magnets I (Rene Flukiger, CERN) 36.33 MB
Superconductors for Magnets II (Rene Flukiger, CERN) 20.34 MB
Principles of SC Magnet Design (Herman Ten Kate, Twente University) 8.49 MB
Superconducting Cables (Pierluigi Bruzzone, EPFL/CRPP) 26.03 MB
Magnetic Design of SC Magnets (Ezio Todesco, CERN) 4.1 MB
Mechanical Design of SC Magnets I, II (Fernando Toral, CIEMAT) 6 MB
Heat Transfer & Cooling Techniques I (Bertrand Baudouy, CEA Saclay) 1.11 MB
Heat Transfer & Cooling Techniques II (Bertrand Baudouy, CEA Saclay) 2.28 MB
Cryostat Design I, II (Vittorio Parma, CERN) 55.98 MB
Stability of SC Cables (Luca Bottura, CERN) 11.22 MB
Protection of SC Magnets (Herman Ten Kate, Twente University) 4.01 MB
Superfluid He Technology/Applications (Philippe Lebrun, CERN) 19.34 MB
Superconductor Dynamics (Fedor Gomory, Slovak Academy of Sciences) 2.86 MB
Vacuum Techniques for SC Devices (Paolo Chiggiato, CERN) 12.23 MB
Manufacturing and Testing (Lucio Rossi, CERN) 62.4 MB
Current Leads, Links and Buses (Amalia Ballarino, CERN) 3.56 MB
Large SC Magnet Systems (Pierre Vedrine, CEA Saclay) 13.93 MB

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Introduction 3.11 MB
Case Study 1a 1.46 MB
Case Study 1b 416.73 KB
Case Study 1c 924.25 KB
Case Study 2a 1.64 MB
Case Study 2b 1.48 MB
Case Study 2c 208.41 KB
Case Study 3a 638.39 KB
Case Study 3b 186.75 KB
Case Study 3c 218.67 KB
Case Study 4a 781.86 KB
Case Study 4b 3.83 MB
Case Study 4c 1.86 MB
Case Study 5a 2.34 MB
Case Study 5b 2.83 MB
Case Study 5c 1.97 MB
Case Study 6a 670.35 KB
Case Study 6b 3.1 MB
Case Study 6c 421.62 KB
Case Study Final 1 2.47 MB
Case Study Final 2 2.2 MB
Case Study Final 3 2.23 MB
Case Study Final 4 2.31 MB
Case Study Final 5-6 4.86 MB