Beam Dynamics and Technologies for Future Colliders, 21 February - 6 March 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

The course will be of interest to staff and students from laboratories and universities who wish to learn about the various options being considered for future colliders for high-energy physics. The material presented will be at an accessible level and cover circular hadron and lepton collliders, as well as linear lepton colliders. The programme will cover the beam dynamics of the colliders presently under consideration and the associated technologies that will be needed to build them. Beam generation and machine protection issues will also be addressed. Students will have the opportunity to work on realistic case studies throughout the course.

There will be a few funding grants available for this school.  Preference will be given to those from countries who find it difficult to find funding.

Registration Fee payments

Single room = CHF 2200

Shared Twin Room = CHF 1800

Local Student = CHF 800

If you are selected you will receive an invitation letter with all the details regarding the payment of your registration fee.



If you need a visa to enter Switzerland, please contact our local organiser ( who will issue you the corresponding letter of invitation.

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