Beam Injection, Extraction and Transfer, 10 March 2017 - 19 March 2017, Erice, Italy



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Barbara Strasser

The course focuses on various aspects of particle injection and extraction and beam transfer and introduces the state of the art techniques of hardware components used in modern accelerators. Participants will have the opportunity to work on realistic case studies as an integral part of the programme.

Attachment Size
Review of Transverse Beam Dynamics I, II, III (Bernhard Holzer, CERN) 17.74 MB
Review of Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (Frank Tecker, CERN) 3.95 MB
Particle Interactions with Matter (Anton Lechner, CERN) 10.29 MB
Recap. of Electromagnetism (Ursula Van Rienen, University of Rostock) 8.66 MB
Recap. of Relativity and Space Charge (Massimo Ferrario, INFN) 5.12 MB
Overview of Injection & Extraction Techniques (Brennan Goddard, CERN) 3.09 MB
Injection: Electron Beams (Masamitsu Aiba, PSI) 2.31 MB
Injection: Hadron Beams (Chiara Bracco, CERN) 7.13 MB
Phase Space Painting and H-Stripping Injection (Chiara Bracco, CERN) 2.56 MB
Injection and Extraction in Cyclotrons (Mike Seidel, PSI) 5.03 MB
Timing, Synchronisation & Longitudinal Aspects I, II (Heiko Damerau, CERN) 4.97 MB
Magnets and Special Magnets (Carsten Muehle, GSI) 5.73 MB
Kicker Magnets I (Mike Barnes, CERN) 4.02 MB
Kicker Magnets II (Mike Barnes, CERN) 7.12 MB
Single and Multi-Turn Extraction (Matthew Fraser, CERN) 31.65 MB
Resonant Extraction (Phil Bryant, CERN, retired) 1.22 MB
Emittance Preservation (Verena Kain, CERN) 6.86 MB
Septa I (Martin Paraliev, PSI) 2.66 MB
Septa II (Martin Paraliev, PSI) 2.86 MB
Optics Measurement Techniques for Transfer Lines I (Peter Forck, GSI) 6.64 MB
Optics Measurement Techniques for Transfer Lines II (Peter Forck, GSI) 6.75 MB
Beam Instrumentation (Peter Forck, GSI) 8.16 MB
Secondary and Radioactive Beams (Helmut Weick, GSI) 3.85 MB
Low Energy Beam Transport (Rick Baartman, TRIUMF) 756.36 KB
Transfer Line Design, Matching and Design Tools I (Wolfgang Bartmann, CERN) 2.93 MB
Transfer Line Design, Matching and Design Tools II (Wolfgang Bartmann, CERN) 3.24 MB
Transfer Line Design, Matching and Design Tools III (Wolfgang Bartmann, CERN) 4.08 MB
Machine Protection and Activation (Anika Nordt, ESS) 8.51 MB
Exotic Injection and Extraction Methods (Brennan Goddard, CERN) 2.89 MB

Some Power Point presentations are avaliable in Indico