Advanced Accelerator Physics, 09 June 2019 - 21 June 2019, Slangerup, Denmark




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Delphine Rivoiron and Maria Filippova

The course will be of interest to physicists and engineers who wish to extend their knowledge on accelerator physics and technologies. The course offers core lectures in the mornings combined with hands-on tuition in the afternoons. Participants will be able to select one afternoon course from the following three: optics design, beam instrumentation and RF-measurements.

Due to the afternoon courses the number of students will be limited to 75.

Here we present a small collection of photos taken during the course. Every student has been asked before the course to sign an "acceptance form", in which the student agrees that eventual photos might be published on the the CAS website. Any further use of these photos in other social media is out of the control by the CAS team and is not authorized by the CAS.
Nevertheless if a student or teacher finds a certain picture inappropriate, he should contact the CAS team and we will remove the picture immediately.