CAS@ESI: Basics of Accelerator Physics and Technology, 7 October - 11 October 2019, Archamps, France



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Delphine Rivoiron and Maria Filippova

This course provides an introductory level training in General Accelerator Physics (mainly for engineers and technical engineers, who have not yet attended one of the regular CERN Accelerator School Introductory courses). The course reviews the core topics of accelerator physics with special emphasis on CERN machines and CERN applications, respectively.

Originally this course was for CERN participation only, but since the year 2018 it is also available for registration from other laboratories.

There will be no funding grants for this course.

CAS procedure for CERN participants

Special arrangements for the local courses in Archamps (CAS@ESI).

  • Registration and authorization works like for any other CAS school.
  • Since CAS@ESI is non-residential, the course fee is much reduced (typically 350 CHF/p).
  • There is no travel reimbursement neither for the students nor for the teachers. People are expected to use their private cars for transport. The CERN rules for using a private car for work will apply.
  • The CAS secretariat organizes the students for shared car transport, such that also students without a car will find suitable transportation.

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