Vacuum in Accelerators, 16 May 2006 - 24 May 2006, Platja dAro, Spain


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Barbara Strasser
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The ALBA Project (L. Miralles, CELLS) 6.07 MB
Introduction to Accelerators (D. Brandt, CERN) 2.03 MB
Introduction to Vacuum (F. Dylla, Jefferson Laboratory) 2.49 MB
Physics of Outgassing (P. Chiggiato, CERN) 1.91 MB
Gas Dynamics (F. Sharipov, Universidade Federeal do Parana, Brazil) 12.07 MB
Introduction to Cryogenics (P. Lebrun, CERN) 3.17 MB
Thermal Outgassing (P. Chiggiatao, CERN) 765.5 KB
General Design Rules (C. Hauviller, CERN) 5.51 MB
Mechanical Pumps (A. Chew, BOC Edwards Vacuum Technology, presented by Dr. R. Reid, Daresbury) 1.51 MB
Gauges for Fine and High Vacuum (K. Jousten. Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) 2.05 MB
Water Outgassing (F. Dylla, Jefferson Laboratory) 1.87 MB
Industrial Applications of Vacuum (D. Mueller, Leybold Vacuum GmbH) 1.45 MB
Non-Thermal Outgassing (N. Hilleret, CERN) 2.58 MB
Materials (S. Sgobba, CERN) 16.37 MB
Ion Pumps (M. Audi, Varian Vacuum Technologies) 1.22 MB
UHV Gauges (K. Jousten, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) 2.89 MB
Interaction with Matter (J. Schou, Risoe National Laboratory) 2.98 MB
History of Vacuum (F. Dylla, Jefferson Laboratory) 5.18 MB
Partial Pressure Gauges (G. Peter, Inficon AG) 811.86 KB
Beam-Vacuum Interaction I (P. Grafström, CERN) 596.63 KB
Leak Detection (K. Zapfe, DESY) 1.06 MB
Cryo Pumps (C. Day, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe) 3.42 MB
Sealing Technology (K. Sonderegger, VAT Vakuumventile AG) 4.43 MB
Large Systems Commissioning (K. Zapfe, DESY) 4.07 MB
Analytical & Numerical Tools for Vacuum Systems (R. Kersevan, ESRF) 2.79 MB
Beam-Vacuum Interaction II (O. Gröbner, ex-CERN) 5.63 MB
Getter Pumps (C. Benvenuti, CERN) 3.16 MB
Surface Properties and Cleaning (M. Taborelli, CERN) 1.69 MB
Use of NEG Pumps & Coatings in Large Vacuum Systems (F. Mazzolini, Sincrotrone Trieste SCPA) 2.26 MB
Challenges for XHV (F. Dylla, Jefferson Laboratory) 2.3 MB
Cold/Sticky Systems (V. Baglin, CERN) 2.54 MB
Iter Vacuum System (M. Wykes, ITER Garching Joint Work Site) 2.24 MB
Control Systems (P. Strubin, CERN) 1.95 MB
Vacuum Aspects in Synchrotron Light Sources (R. Reid, Daresbury Laboratory) 989.18 KB
Misconceptions & Other Sources of Problems (N. Hilleret, CERN) 10.04 MB
Vacuum Challenges for Future Machines (R. Reid, Daresbury Laboratory) 760 KB