Beam Diagnostics, 28 May - 6 June 2008, Dourdan, France

PDF icon Specific Diagnostics Needs for Different Machines I, II (G. Kube, DESY)5.05 MB
PDF icon Between Model and Reality I (H. Braun, CERN)1.67 MB
PDF icon Longitudinal & Transverse Effects, Collective Effects (A. Hofmann, CERN)13.82 MB
PDF icon Beam Current Monitor (J.-C. Denard, SOLEIL)602.16 KB
PDF icon Measurements, Statistics and Errors (M. Hoffmann), DESY)1.78 MB
PDF icon Beam Position Monitor I (P. Forck, GSI, Darmstadt)3.88 MB
PDF icon Between Model and Reality II (L. Nadolski, SOLEIL)1.89 MB
PDF icon Beam Position Monitor II (P. Forck, GSI, Darmstadt)2.34 MB
PDF icon Loss Monitors (K. Wittenberg, DESY)2.33 MB
PDF icon Analog to Digital I, II, III (J. Belleman, CERN)1.38 MB
PDF icon BST (M. Ferianis, Elettra)2.91 MB
PDF icon Tune, Chromaticity and Coupling I (R. Steinhagen, CERN)2.88 MB
PDF icon Tune, Chromaticity and Coupling II (R. Steinhagen, CERN)1.63 MB
PDF icon Closed Orbit (M. Boege, PSI)3.96 MB
PDF icon Closed Orbit Feedback (M. Boege, PSI)5.83 MB
PDF icon Lattice Measurement (J. Wenninger, CERN)692.87 KB
PDF icon Longitudinal Diagnostics I (M. Ferianis, Elettra)3.14 MB
PDF icon Transverse Profiles I, II (E. Bravin, CERN) 2.31 MB
PDF icon Longitudinal Diagnostics II (M. Ferianis, Elettra)5.45 MB
PDF icon Emittance Diagnostics I, II (H. Braun, CERN)1.85 MB
PDF icon Schottky (F. Caspers, CERN)1.6 MB
PDF icon Measurement of Beam Energy (A. Muller, ISS/ANKA Light Source)5.36 MB
PDF icon Femto Second Diagnostics I, II (V. Schlott, PSI)3.98 MB
PDF icon Luminosity Diagnostics (J. Wenninger, CERN)749 KB
PDF icon Bunch to Bunch Feedback I, II (M. Lonza, Elettra)2.49 MB
PDF icon Electro Magnetic Interference (A. Charoy, AEMC)3.92 MB
PDF icon Presentation of DITANET (C. Welsch, Heidelberg University)2.84 MB
PDF icon Halo and Bunch Purity (K. Wittenburg, DESY)3.54 MB
PDF icon Machine Protection Systems (R. Schmidt, CERN)1.2 MB

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