FELs and ERLs, 31 May - 10 June 2016, Hamburg, Germany

PDF icon Electromagnetic Theory (Werner Herr, CERN)1.08 MB
PDF icon Special Relativity (Werner Herr, CERN)538.72 KB
PDF icon Synchrotron Radiation I, II (Leonid Rivkin, PSI)4.46 MB
PDF icon Undulators (Joachim Pflueger, DESY)5.96 MB
PDF icon Linear Accelerator Technology (David Alesini, INFN-LNF)8.12 MB
PDF icon Wakefields (Ursula Van Rienen, University of Rostock)7.08 MB
PDF icon Linear Beam Optics I, II (Bernhard Holzer, CERN)24.25 MB
PDF icon Coherence in Beams (Joerg Rossbach, DESY)2.58 MB
PDF icon Space Charge Mitigation (Massimo Ferrario, INFN-LNF)6.77 MB
PDF icon SC Cavities (High Q) (Rama Calaga, CERN)3.44 MB
PDF icon Historical Survey of FELs (Emmanuelle Couprie, Synchrotron Soleil)13.33 MB
PDF icon Lasers in FEL Facilities (Marta Divall, PSI)7.07 MB
PDF icon Motion in an Undulator (Sven Reiche, PSI)1.41 MB
PDF icon Pendulum Equations and Low Gain Regime (Sven Reiche, PSI)2.51 MB
PDF icon Bunch Length Compressors (Simone Di Mitri, Sincrotrone Trieste)6.41 MB
PDF icon Coherent Synchrotron Radiation and Microbunching Instability (Simone Di Mitri, Sincrotrone Trieste)11.47 MB
PDF icon Electron Sources and Injector Systems (Enrica Chiadroni, INFN-LNF)11.88 MB
PDF icon Energy Efficiency (Erk Jensen, CERN)5.06 MB
PDF icon Concept of ERL (Andreas Jankowiak, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin)6.02 MB
PDF icon High Gain Regime 1D I (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)126.99 KB
PDF icon High Gain Regime 1D II (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)176.94 KB
PDF icon Seeding Schemes I, II (Luca Giannessi, ENEA C.R.)10.1 MB
PDF icon Beam Dynamics of ERLs (Andreas Jankowiak, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin)9.25 MB
PDF icon Transverse Optics in the ERL Arcs (Alessandra Valloni, CERN)6.8 MB
PDF icon Quantum FEL (Gordon Robb, University of Strathclyde)1.23 MB
PDF icon High Gain Regime 3D, I (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)221.03 KB
PDF icon High Gain Regime 3D, II (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)107.2 KB
PDF icon High Gain Regime 3D, III (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)75.71 KB
PDF icon Temporal Coherence I, II (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)95.99 KB
PDF icon Experience from FLASH: FEL Theory versus Experiment (Mikhail Yurkov, DESY)10.77 MB
PDF icon XFELO (Kwang-je Kim, Argonne National Laboratory)2.88 MB
PDF icon Controls and Feedbacks (Sven Pfeiffer, DESY)6.03 MB
PDF icon Coherence Properties of the Radiation from SASE FEL (Mikhail Yurkov, DESY)4.89 MB
PDF icon The European XFEL (Hans Weise, DESY)20.58 MB
PDF icon Plasma Wake Driven FEL (Ralph Assmann, DESY)123.52 MB
PDF icon Advanced Undulator Concepts (James Rosenzweig, presented by Sven Reiche, PSI)26.35 MB
PDF icon Photon Beam Transport (Makina Yabashi, SPring8)6.9 MB
PDF icon Electron Beam Diagnostics (Rasmus Ischebeck, PSI)25.78 MB
PDF icon Timing and Synchronisation (Marco Bellaveglia, INFN-LNF)6.54 MB
PDF icon Undulator Tapering (Mikhail Yurkov, DESY)4.8 MB
PDF icon Crystallography and Molecular Imaging using X-Ray Lasers (Thomas White, DESY)8.73 MB
PDF icon Machine Protection (Lars Froehlich, DESY)4.99 MB
PDF icon Different ERL Applications (Kurt Aulenbacher, Johannes Gutenberg-Universit├Ąt) 4.75 MB

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