Power Convertors, 7 May - 14 May 2014, Baden, Switzerland

PDF icon Introduction and Accelerator Basics (R. Bailey, CERN)2.83 MB
PDF icon Requirements on Power Converters (J.-P. Burnet, CERN)3.25 MB
PDF icon Definition of Power Converters I, II (D. Aguglia, CERN)6.37 MB
PDF icon Active Devices (M. Rahimo, ABB)15.69 MB
PDF icon Passive Devices Magnetic (P. Viarouge, Laval University)1.27 MB
PDF icon Passive Devices Capacitive (R. Gallay, Garmanage)5.67 MB
PDF icon Power Converters and Power Quality I (K. Kahle, CERN)2.56 MB
PDF icon EMC (A. Charoy, AEMC)2.92 MB
PDF icon Power Converters and Power Quality II (D. Siemaszko, CERN)1.53 MB
PDF icon Switched Mode 1 Q Converters (R. Petrocelli, ALBA)625.5 KB
PDF icon Switched Mode 4 Q Converters (Y. Thurel, CERN8.12 MB
PDF icon Converters for Low Frequency Machines (J.-F. Bouteille, ESRF)2.06 MB
PDF icon RF Solid State Amplifiers (J. Jacob, ESRF)2.05 MB
PDF icon Long Pulse Converters (J. Eckoldt, DESY)3.55 MB
PDF icon Solid State Power Modulators (J. Biela, ETH)43.39 MB
PDF icon Power Converter Controls: Radiation Risks & Mitigations (B. Todd, CERN)11.06 MB
PDF icon Power Filter Design (R. Kuenzi, PSI)1.98 MB
PDF icon Protection and Interlocks (B. Todd, CERN)7.67 MB
PDF icon Swiss FEL, the X-Ray Free Electron Laser at PSI (H. Braun, PSI)7.49 MB
PDF icon Thermal Design (R. Kuenzi, PSI)3.72 MB
PDF icon Design Methods and Tools (T. Meynard, LAPLACE/ENSEEIHT)9.83 MB
PDF icon Regulation Theory (F. Bouvet, SOLEIL)5.88 MB
PDF icon High Precision Current Measurement for Power Converters (M. Cerqueira, CERN)1.88 MB
PDF icon A Review of ADCs & DACs and their Application (J. Pickering, Metron Designs Ltd)1.13 MB
PDF icon Controls and Interfaces (Q. King, CERN)5.36 MB
PDF icon Simulations (N. Ngada, DESY)1.76 MB
PDF icon Power Converters for Accelerators (R. Visintini, Elettra)6.07 MB
PDF icon Putting It Into Practice (J.-P. Burnet, CERN)5.54 MB

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