Vacuum for Particle Accelerators, 6 June - 16 June 2017, Glumslöv, Sweden

Following introductory lectures on accelerator parameters and vacuum fundamentals, the different processes contributing to vacuum components and techniques currently available for a modern vacuum system will then be treated in some detail as well beam-vacuum phenomena.

PDF icon Introduction to Particle Accelerators (Pedro Tavares, Max IV Laboratory)49.03 MB
PDF icon Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology (Eshraq El Dmour, Max IV Laboratory)3.65 MB
PDF icon Impedance and Instabilities (Rainer Wanzenberg, DESY)3.43 MB
PDF icon Materials & Properties I: Introduction (Stefano Sgobba, CERN)9.27 MB
PDF icon Materials & Properties II: Thermal & Electrical Characteristics (Sergio Calatroni, CERN)2.4 MB
PDF icon Materials & Properties III: Mechanical Behaviour (Cedric Garion, CERN)2.14 MB
PDF icon Materials & Properties IV: Outgassing ( Paolo Chiggiato, CERN)2.05 MB
PDF icon Vacuum Gauges I (Karl Jousten, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)4.45 MB
PDF icon Vacuum Gauges II (Karl Jousten, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)3.88 MB
PDF icon Mechanical Vacuum Pumps (Heinz Barfuss, Pfeiffer Vacuum)2.5 MB
PDF icon Computation for Vacuum System of Accelerators (Roberto Kersevan, CERN)8.53 MB
PDF icon Getter Pumps (Paolo Manini, SAES)12.01 MB
PDF icon Ion Pump Technology for Particle Accelerators (Cristian Maccarrone, Agilent Technologies)1.98 MB
PDF icon Introduction to Cryogenics (Serge Claudet, CERN)12.98 MB
PDF icon Cryopumping (Vincent Baglin, CERN)4.4 MB
PDF icon Industrial Vacuum Applications (Andrew Chew, Edwards)7.21 MB
PDF icon Beam Induced Desorption (Oleg Malyshev, STFC Daresbury Laboratory)6.15 MB
PDF icon Beam-Gas Interaction (Massimo Ferro-Luzzi, CERN)24.93 MB
PDF icon Surface Characterisation (Reza Valizadeh, STFC)4.17 MB
PDF icon Interactions between Beams and Vacuum System Walls (Roberto Cimino, LNF-INFN)10.53 MB
PDF icon Surface Cleaning & Finishing (Mauro Taborelli, CERN)3.12 MB
PDF icon Thin-Film Coating (Pedro Costa Pinto, CERN)11.86 MB
PDF icon Seminar: Max IV Laboratory (Marek Grabski, Max IV)7.17 MB
PDF icon Seminar: ESS Spallation Source Vacuum System (Marcelo Juni Ferreira, ESS)83.25 MB
PDF icon Controlling Particles/Dust in Vacuum Systems (Lutz Lilje, DESY)7.71 MB
PDF icon Beam Induced Radioactivity & Radiation Hardness (Francesco Cerutti, CERN)4.63 MB
PDF icon Radiation Damage and its Consequence (Markus Brugger, CERN)14.35 MB
PDF icon Control & Diagnostic (Andre Rocha & Gregory Pigny, CERN)6.84 MB
PDF icon Vacuum Acceptance Tests for Particle Accelerator Equipment (Giuseppe Bregliozzi, CERN)7 MB
PDF icon Manufacturing & Assembly for Vacuum Technology (Serge Mathot, CERN)6.37 MB
PDF icon The Real Life of Operation (Vincent Baglin, CERN)11.65 MB
PDF icon Challenges for Vacuum Technology of Future Accelerators (Jose Miguel Jimenez, CERN)9.81 MB
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