Basics of Accelerator Science and Technology at CERN, 3 February - 7 February 2014, Chavannes de Bogis, Switzerland

PDF icon Accelerators for Beginners (Dr. Rende STEERENBERG, CERN) 36.37 MB
PDF icon Overview of the CERN Complex (Dr. Reyes ALEMANY-FERNANDEZ, CERN) 12.43 MB
PDF icon Basic Mathematics and Units (Dr. Rende STEERENBERG, CERN) 6.74 MB
PDF icon E.M. Theory (Dr. Werner HERR, CERN) 879.49 KB
PDF icon Standard Model and Beyond (Dr. Paris SPHICAS, CERN) 27.43 MB
PDF icon Relativity (Dr. Werner HERR, CERN) 462.61 KB
PDF icon Transverse Beam Dynamics I (Dr. Bernhard HOLZER, CERN) 18.91 MB
PDF icon Magnets (Dr. Paolo FESSIA, CERN) 9.92 MB
PDF icon Longitudinal Beam Dynamics I (Dr. Frank TECKER, CERN) 4.46 MB
PDF icon Cryogenics (Dr. Serge CLAUDET, CERN) 5.63 MB
PDF icon Power Converters (Dr. Jean-Paul BURNET, CERN) 9.69 MB
PDF icon Longitudinal Beam Dynamics II (Dr. Frank TECKER, CERN) 10.82 MB
PDF icon Sources (Dr. Richard SCRIVENS, CERN) 10.82 MB
PDF icon RF Systems (Dr. Erk JENSEN, CERN) 14.77 MB
PDF icon Linear Imperfections (Dr. Rogelio TOMAS, CERN) 1.32 MB
PDF icon Injection and Extraction (Dr. Wolfgang Bartmann, CERN) 2.82 MB
PDF icon Beam Transfer (Dr. Verena KAIN, CERN) 6.58 MB
PDF icon Kickers and Septa (Dr. Mike BARNES, CERN) 3.05 MB
PDF icon Linacs (Dr. Maurizio VRETENAR, CERN) 4.12 MB
PDF icon Vacuum Systems (Dr. Vincent BAGLIN, CERN) 3.84 MB
PDF icon Beam Instrumentation (Dr. Uli RAICH, CERN) 3.37 MB
PDF icon Collective Effects (Dr. Giovanni RUMOLO, CERN) 6.98 MB
PDF icon Luminosity at LHC (Dr. Giulia PAPOTTI, CERN) 5.68 MB
PDF icon Beam-Beam Effects at LHC (Dr. Tatiana PIELONI, CERN)14.42 MB
PDF icon Machine Protection (Dr. Jorg WENNINGER, CERN) 5.88 MB
PDF icon Collimation (Dr. Stefano REDAELLI, CERN) 7.59 MB
PDF icon Exploitation of LHC and Future Circular Colliders (Dr. Frederick BORDRY, CERN) 7.36 MB

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