Frequently Asked Questions - Courses information

What is an Introductory course?

The Introductory level course is aimed at staff and students in laboratories and universities who wish to learn about accelerator science and technology. The focus of the course is on various aspects of beam dynamics and the underlying accelerator systems. Key topics are consolidated by discussion sessions and tutorials. Course programme overview can be found here >>

What is an Advanced level course?

The Advanced Accelerator Physics course is a follow-up of the Introductory level course and is composed of core lectures on accelerator physics in the mornings and a practical course (14-16 hours of hands-on tuition) in the afternoons. The participants will select one afternoon course from the three proposed.  For the afternoon courses, the basic idea is that the participants select a topic for which they have no or very little preliminary knowledge. This should allow the participants to discover and get training in a new field of accelerator physics.  A series of seminars and tutorials will complete the programme. Course programme overview can be found here >>

What knowledge is required for participation in an Advanced level course?

A successful participation at this course  requires some basic knowledge of accelerator physics or experience acquired through professional work.  As this course introduces advanced and contemporary concepts, knowledge of classical mechanics, electrodynamics, as well as mathematics for physics or engineering at the university entrance level is expected.

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