Frequently Asked Questions - Organisational

Is it possible to attend only part of a school?

Each school is conceived as a full course and it is strongly recommended to attend all of it. Only in exceptional circumstances do we consider partial attendance and in these cases you will have to pay the full fee.

Can I get a confirmation that I have attended a school?

Yes. Please ask the CAS secretariat who will provide a certificate of attendance after the completion of the school.

Can I bring an accompanying person?

From the CAS organizational point of view such an option is feasible without any problems. As well as following a demanding lecture program and associated course work, CAS attendees are expected to work together on course problems outside of the scheduled program. Mixing and networking with other students is also an important career benefit. So in the end every particiapnt has to decide by himself if an accompaning partner is compatible with the course objectives.

How can I let CAS know about special dietary requirements?

There is a field on the online registration form where this can be mentioned.

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